How to add value to your living room
So you’re thinking of selling your house? There are lots of different ways to add value to your property that don’t break the bank, so in this article we are focusing on the living room. Often the central hub of the house, your lounge really needs to entice potential buyers to make an offer. They need to be able to picture themselves there, and feel like they could stay in comfort.

How to make an offer on a house
So you’ve decided to buy a house and have found one that you like. What are the next steps? Making an offer on a house for the first time can be daunting. It’s worth knowing what you can afford, what the local market is like and as much about the property and area as possible. Negotiating a price is normal but you don’t want to start too low as you may risk losing out if someone else steps in with a better offer.

What happens in the house buying process
Once you have searched for and found a property you would like to buy, and have agreed on a price with the seller, the whole moving process can still take time. Often buyers, especially first time buyers don’t know what the process is, so here will will talk you through what happens once the offer is made and accepted.

Once you have made an offer, you’ll need to instruct a solicitor. It is likely that your mortgage provider will arrange for their own survey, however if you decide to get your own survey done, you’ll need to instruct one.

Negotiating House Price
New research from Barclays, as reported by Property Reporter shows that more than half of first time buyers have never negotiated the price of their house purchase. 53% admit to fearing missing out through negotiation due to seeing the market as extremely competitive.

The study shows that of those who bought for the first time in the last 5 years, 51% regretted not negotiating but 35% of first time buyers would still avoid negotiation. The study also reported that 91% of FTBs believe their is not enough negotiating advice available from trusted sources, with 30% admitting being confused and 42% asking their parents for advice.

Tax Changes
Ongoing restrictions to tax relief on the interest from buy-to-let is causing the nation's landlords to have to adapt, however the appetite for further investment is still strong.

According to its latest Property Investor Survey, Mortgages for Business reports that landlord are adapting to the changes, but those looking to expand their portfolios had grown to 48%, compared to 45% in November and 41% last May. The adapting takes the form of a move to choosing to fix their mortgages for five years.

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