Reduce stress when buying or selling a home
Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences we have. With such an important purchase, and lots of money involved, even the slightest hiccup can cause stress. Research has shown that buying a house is up there with divorce and filing for bankruptcy in terms of stress-levels but there are ways to reduce this through preparation.

Although there are many situations that could occur that you would never be able to foresee or plan for, there are ways in which you can prepare.

Add Value To your Garden
Having a garden is hugely important for many homebuyers, so any outside space can be a bonus, but there are ways in which you can add even more value by making your garden more attractive and useful.

This article mainly covers ways of making the most of your back garden, but don’t neglect your front garden, as this, along with the front of the house is the first impression you give to potential buyers. A nice and simple layout, with everything in good condition can get someone into the right mindset to buy, but a poorly maintained front garden can give a terrible first impression.

BBC1 series ‘The Week The Landlords Moved In’ Looking for Participants
The BBC1 series ‘The Week The Landlords Moved In’ is coming back, and as a trusted Lettings Agent, Fraser St James have been approached to help find landlords looking to take part.

The series follows landlords in a social experiment in which they review their properties by living as one of their tenants.The journey allows them to improve their knowledge of the rental market - and their own properties through first-hand experience. It is also an opportunity for the landlords to explore and reflect on how the rental market is changing in Britain and what challenges come with that – for both landlords and tenants.

How to add value to your living room
So you’re thinking of selling your house? There are lots of different ways to add value to your property that don’t break the bank, so in this article we are focusing on the living room. Often the central hub of the house, your lounge really needs to entice potential buyers to make an offer. They need to be able to picture themselves there, and feel like they could stay in comfort.

How to make an offer on a house
So you’ve decided to buy a house and have found one that you like. What are the next steps? Making an offer on a house for the first time can be daunting. It’s worth knowing what you can afford, what the local market is like and as much about the property and area as possible. Negotiating a price is normal but you don’t want to start too low as you may risk losing out if someone else steps in with a better offer.

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