Why Buy a House in Hyde?

Based in Greater Manchester, Hyde is one of the areas we cover as an Estate Agent. We have a number of houses and flats for sale in Hyde and have won awards for our local knowledge and customer service, covering the area, so if you are looking to buy or sell in Hyde, Fraser St James is clearly the best choice, but why buy a property in Hyde?


There are lots of small changes you can make to your house to add a little bit of value here and there, and there are some ways that add lots of value.The high value adding changes often cost more in money and time, but can add thousands to your selling price.


Agency Fees
New research has come to light recently, showing that 96% of home owners consider fees to be the key factor when selecting an estate agent.

The findings by EstateAgent4Me also show that despite the concerns, only 25% of the home owners surveyed say they would try to negotiate the fees. Only half of the study participants said they would speak to two or more agents before putting their property on the market.

Tips for Buy to Let

The recent tax crackdown on buy-to-let has meant that it isn't as attractive as it once was, however many still see it as being a good investment, especially in a time of volatile stock markets and low interest rates.

For those who have enough money for a decent deposit, property is a good way to gain an extra stream of income, and at times of property prices rising, it can be sold for a profit. The changes that are going to hit those who have or wish to purchase buy-to-let properties mean extra stamp duties (on buy-to-let) and the end of the ability to offset mortgage interest against income tax.

Reduce stress when buying or selling a home
Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences we have. With such an important purchase, and lots of money involved, even the slightest hiccup can cause stress. Research has shown that buying a house is up there with divorce and filing for bankruptcy in terms of stress-levels but there are ways to reduce this through preparation.

Although there are many situations that could occur that you would never be able to foresee or plan for, there are ways in which you can prepare.

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