Honest? Honest! Not the word people generally associate with Estate Agency.  I’m not going to tell you we are completely different but what I will say is that we try our very best to be a little bit different! 

At the beginning of 2019, we still find ourselves in a sellers’ market.  Speak to any first-time buyer and they will tell you their struggle of viewing the house of their dreams; taking the time to sort their finances; taking the all-important advice from parents who will advise them to “make a silly offer, then negotiate”.  In the meantime, the vendor of that first-time buyer’s dream house has already had at least three offers over asking price.  Long gone are the days where you can be proud of the deal you struck up!Be prepared; sort those finances, put yourself in a position to move forward with your offer.  We can help you, we can help you to get in a position to offer on a property from any Estate Agent, not just properties that we have for sale.  We can even assist in negotiation if you don’t feel confident enough.

A VERY similar scenario to the first-time buyer is the first-time seller.  What do you do? View houses; find your dream home, but not be in a position to have your offer accepted because your own house isn’t even on the market yet.  BE HONEST: As mentioned earlier, your home is likely to sell VERY quickly while we are still riding the wave of “The Sellers’ Market”.  Make sure you do your research and from that research, whether it be asking friends, searching online or popping into a local Estate Agent’s office (Please note that most agents these days don’t have a shop front, but will still welcome the opportunity to meet you in their local office).  Invite your three chosen Estate Agents to value your home.  Choose the Agent you feel best fits your needs, the one you are most comfortable with and the one you trust the most…. and put your house up for sale! BUT… Be honest; ask your Agent to make sure any potential purchaser know that you have not found anywhere to move to; that you have no idea of timescale and that you will do the best you can to move forward but without any promises.  You WILL find that your purchaser who will be willing to wait as long as you need; because your house is THEIR dream home – Just as it once was yours!

Estate Agents are well known for apparently “bending the truth”.  All those lines that were spun 10, 15, 20 years ago are now fact! “We have another 6 viewings lined up” or “Our vendor is considering an offer over the asking price.” Or “If you list this property with me, it will sell in a day!”

Right now, all these lines and many more are actual facts, actual honesty, and the truth about the housing market.

We only have two struggles: First and foremost: some Agents will overvalue your house; potential purchasers now have a wealth of information available to them and WILL do their own research.  Secondly: You may well achieve that price from a prospective purchaser, but you need to be aware that as soon as that Surveyor, employed somewhere along the line by The Bank of England, will visit your property and put an honest, regulated, valuation on your property and you WILL lose your sale!  SIX BILLION POUNDS every year is wiped off property due to estate agents overvaluing properties.  Please get in touch for more detail.

Back to the honest agent, we will not overvalue your home, just to win your business.

Saying this, we do have a FREE publication available to anyone who is interested “Adding Value To Your Home”.