Are you looking to find out the best time to sell your property or buy a home in Tameside? The housing market is known to change over time, but by basing your choice to sell on the state of the national market, you could be missing a trick. Even drilling down to Tameside doesn't give a full picture. Instead the best view of the local housing market comes down to the postcode area.

We looked at data from Rightmove based on the postcodes M34, M43, OL7, OL6, SK14, SK15 and SK5 to see the performance of the housing market in those areas, but one of the biggest findings was that the housing market varies still when we drill down even further. For example, there were far more properties for sale in Q1 2018 in M34 5, than in M34 6. To give you a full view of the property market in your area, we have created this report of each individual postcode that we cover. This data covers Q1 of 2018 and is obtained from Rightmove.

1.Properties in your area

The above gives you an idea of the number of properties listed in your area. Here you can see whether it is a competitive market where you are. As you can see, M34 5 shows the highest number of properties listed, wheras OL6 7 shows the lowest.

2.What are properties in your area selling for

Here you can see what different type of properties in each area of Tameside are selling for. Note: this is the selling price, so not necessarily the listing price. This provides a more reliable view of the value of each property type in each area than the listing price does, as many estate agents will over-value a property in order to convince a vendor to use their services.

3 What are properies in your area actually selling for

The above shows the average house price in each area. Here you can get an idea of the difference in prices between each part of Tameside. 

4. Supply and demand of 1 bed properties

If you are considering selling your one bedroom property in Tameside, this will give an indication of the supply in each area. Areas with low numbers hd a lower supply in Q1 2018, although this doesn't indicate the demand. The following show the same information for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties. 

5. Supple and demand of 2 bed properties

6. Supple and demand of 3 bed properties

7. Supple and demand of 4 bed properties


The above charts show us that so far this year, if you are looking to sell a one bedroom property in OL6 6, M34 7 or SK15 1, you are unlikely to have a lot of competition. For two bedroom properties, the low competition areas are OL6 7, SK14 3 and SK14 6. For three bedroom properties, the lowest competition is in OL7 0 and SK14 1 and for four bedroom properties, OL6 7 and OL7 0 are the low-competition areas. 

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