Tameside's rental market, much like the rental markets in many other parts of the country, is very competitive. It isn't always as simple as buying a property with a buy to let mortgage and renting it out straight away. 

Often there is a lot of preparation needed to make your property stand out above the others in the area so you can get a good price for it. In this article we run through some tips for making your rental property stand out, and thus making it more rentable.

Fix the kitchen and bathroom:

You may have just purchased a property that has a near-new kitchen. If so, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you may want to update or replace taps, kitchen units and appliances as well as the flooring. Your property will look more impressive without any damage to the tiles or cabinets. The same goes for the bathroom.


Nobody wants to rent a house with no heating, so make sure your boiler is regularly serviced and efficient. Consider replacing old storage heaters with newer, more efficient radiators.


Offer lots of storage in the form of wardrobes (even built in wardrobes can be great), shelving, loft space, sheds, garages and cupboards in your rental property. Many people looking to rent will pay attention to the amount of storage, so this can really help make your property stand out. 

Clean your house!

Make sure you are tough on dirt. Clean your house before viewings and make sure there are no visible stains and grime. This is a huge turnoff to renters.

Neutral Decoration:

If your paint work is old, consider re-painting internally, but be sure to keep the colours neutral so you don't put off those with certain tastes. Whites and slightly off-white colours are ideal and make the house or flat look lighter and airy.