How to add value to your living room

So you’re thinking of selling your house? There are lots of different ways to add value to your property that don’t break the bank, so in this article we are focusing on the living room. Often the central hub of the house, your lounge really needs to entice potential buyers to make an offer. They need to be able to picture themselves there, and feel like they could stay in comfort.

Here are five simple ways that you can add value to your living room without spending too much money.

1. Add Extra Storage
Storage is very enticing for a homebuyer, and if you can add extra storage to any room without taking up too much living space, it’s worth doing. If you have an alcove available in the room, you could fill it with built in cupboards or bookshelves.

Houses are never criticised for having too much storage, so it’s worth looking for opportunities where possible. Obviously, don’t over do it and turn every wall into a wardrobe, but smart and stylish ways of adding extra storage can really help.

2. Fix Cracks
Before you book any viewings, fix the cracks in the walls and ceilings. This isn’t so much of a way to add value as a way to stop the perceived value dropping. Cracks can really make the property look neglected, so filling them in is really important. Hairline cracks can easily be filled in and painted over by yourself, but if they signal bigger problems then you’ll need to hire a professional.

3. Strategic Mirror Placement
A well placed mirror can really brighten up the room, reflecting light from one side to the other. They can also make the room look bigger so try out different locations for your main living room mirror.

4. Neutral Paint Colours
Colour is very subjective. What is stunning to one person can be ugly to another, so by painting your living room walls with a neutral colour like white, a soft, light grey or magnolia, you don’t instantly put someone off. If the room has been painted a neutral colour, potential buyers will be able to picture their own arrangements, without a bold, bright colour overbearing.

5. Update Hardware
This is a good way to make your room look newer and better. Replace old and outdated switch plates, outlet covers, and door knobs for something new and modern. Any hardware in the room that looks broken should be fixed or replaced.