BBC1 series ‘The Week The Landlords Moved In’ Looking for Participants

The BBC1 series ‘The Week The Landlords Moved In’ is coming back, and as a trusted Lettings Agent, Fraser St James have been approached to help find landlords looking to take part.

The series follows landlords in a social experiment in which they review their properties by living as one of their tenants.The journey allows them to improve their knowledge of the rental market - and their own properties through first-hand experience. It is also an opportunity for the landlords to explore and reflect on how the rental market is changing in Britain and what challenges come with that – for both landlords and tenants.

The first series has been aired with a great response and filming on series 2 will begin in the next month or two. The show’s makers are currently looking for landlords to take part.

It should take around 2 days to film your ‘backstory’. This would be filming your home and workplace to learn what’s important to you, how you have grown your business and why you think going ‘back to the floor’ would be a helpful. You would move into the home of one of your tenants for up to 5 days, living on your tenant’s budget. Depending on the property you may wish to bring your family to make the experience as authentic as possible. By doing this, throughout the week you will build up a picture of what their tenants lives are like. At some point during the week, you will meet the tenant. (We will also spend some time filming with the tenant to hear their experience of the property and of renting in general).

At the end of their experience the landlords will decide whether or not they wish to make improvements to their rental property and any possible changes will be revealed to the tenants at the end of the week.

For any landlords who would be interested in taking part, please get in contact with Carl - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then be able to put you in contact with the producers.