How to add value to your garden

Having a garden is hugely important for many homebuyers, so any outside space can be a bonus, but there are ways in which you can add even more value by making your garden more attractive and useful.

This article mainly covers ways of making the most of your back garden, but don’t neglect your front garden, as this, along with the front of the house is the first impression you give to potential buyers. A nice and simple layout, with everything in good condition can get someone into the right mindset to buy, but a poorly maintained front garden can give a terrible first impression.

Although it can be difficult designing the right style for your garden, it’s worth aiming to keep it in style with the house.

Here are five ways you can add value to your garden and make it more attractive to potential buyers:

Create a low maintenance garden
Although some will be attracted to a project, it isn’t likely to add value if there is lots of work to do. A garden that requires a lot of ongoing work will put off potential buyers. This can include awkward lawns and other features that require regular attention.

Outside Eating Area
If you have a patio, you can convert it into an outside kitchen / dining area with some simple adjustments. A built in BBQ or a BBQ area as well as well arranged seating and tables. The floor should be stable, so seats don’t sink in, and the paving stones well secured to avoid tripping hazards.

By erecting fences or hedges you can offer privacy. This can be important around sunbathing areas, but it’s worth getting the balance right between increasing privacy and blocking the sun.

Sheds and Summerhouses
British weather can be inconsistent when it comes to our summertimes. It’s difficult to predict whether we will have a hot month or a rainy month. Sadly, we’re often likely to have rain at some point, so having a well maintained summerhouse or at least some sort of shelter in the garden can be very attractive to potential buyers. Storage is also important, so sheds are useful to have.

Mask the noise
In areas in which the traffic noise is high, it’s worth thinking about ways to cover it up. Fences and trees can help stop the noise getting through to the garden and running water features can really help cover it up, adding a more relaxed feel.