Once you've decided to sell your home, chosen an estate agent, repaired, cleaned and prepared your home for viewings, you may think you're ready to get started, but there's one area that's often overlooked by house sellers - lighting.



Poor lighting can often give a bad first impression, even if the property is otherwise perfect. If you don't light your home well, you could sabotage all of your other preparation work. Darkness can make a room feel small, dirty and uninviting - it can make a home look like a teenager's bedroom.


After much speculation, the Bank of England has raised interest rates from 0.5% to 0.75% due to high expectations around the economy, consumer spending, wages and employment.

Although the general rule is that a rise in interest rates is good for savers and bad for borrowers, the 0.5% to 0.75% rise is relatively small, so will not cause difficulty or pain for most homeowners. 

Are you looking to find out the best time to sell your property or buy a home in Tameside? The housing market is known to change over time, but by basing your choice to sell on the state of the national market, you could be missing a trick. Even drilling down to Tameside doesn't give a full picture. Instead the best view of the local housing market comes down to the postcode area.

We looked at data from Rightmove based on the postcodes M34, M43, OL7, OL6, SK14, SK15 and SK5 to see the performance of the housing market in those areas, but one of the biggest findings was that the housing market varies still when we drill down even further. For example, there were far more properties for sale in Q1 2018 in M34 5, than in M34 6. To give you a full view of the property market in your area, we have created this report of each individual postcode that we cover. This data covers Q1 of 2018 and is obtained from Rightmove.

Tameside's rental market, much like the rental markets in many other parts of the country, is very competitive. It isn't always as simple as buying a property with a buy to let mortgage and renting it out straight away. 

Often there is a lot of preparation needed to make your property stand out above the others in the area so you can get a good price for it. In this article we run through some tips for making your rental property stand out, and thus making it more rentable.

First Time Home Seller

There seems to be an abundance of help and advice available to first time buyers, but what about first time sellers?

You have already stepped on the property ladder, bought your first property a few years ago and perhaps feel you should be experienced in the process?  You are in fact, more likely to feel very nervous about the whole thing!  Unlike your first house purchase, you are now having to deal with two properties, the one you are selling as well as the one you are buying, and no doubt having to deal with both sides of a chain as it is likely that your second property purchase will be in the middle of the property chain.

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